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Catholic Education

Holy CommunionCatholic boards strive to create a faith community where religious instruction, religious practice, value formation, and faith development are integral to every area of the curriculum. Roman Catholic schools exist to offer a system of education chosen by Catholic parents.

In a Catholic education, the school, the home, and the Church work together to develop within students a way of living that embodies the life of Jesus Christ. Catholic education fosters cognitive development and teaches skills and knowledge.

In addition, it is concerned with the formation of the whole person of the student through the personal integration of faith and life. Roman Catholic schools seek to provide a learning experience that allows students to develop their particular skills and individual talents, and to realize their uniqueness as children of God, and as brothers and sisters to every man and woman in the world.

Catholic district school boards provide Catholic education by:

  • ensuring support and guidance to develop each school as a Catholic Christian community in all its academic and non-academic activities
  • providing teachers, principals, vice-principals, supervisory officers, and other personnel who are committed to building the school system as a Catholic Christian community
  • preparing, upgrading, and putting to use academic curricula, including formal religious instruction, in which Catholic faith and life are integrated

(taken from Educating Together: A handguide for Trustees, School Boards and Communities, 2006)