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Catholic Board’s solid Grade 9 Mathematics assessment results support same focused approach in Primary/Junior

Wednesday, November 3, 2022 (Brantford) – The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board utilizes the EQAO data, recently released, to further get to know our learners, one of our key essential practices for student achievement. The EQAO Assessment results are used to guide improvement initiatives as they relate to student achievement. It is important to understand that as many of the variables of the test were changed (new digital format of the test, some students not participating due to virtual learning or covid, as well as new curriculum launched in Grade 1-9 by the Ministry of Education during the pandemic) comparisons to old data are not relevant.

The more information we have, the better we can support our students to reach success. Our educators have worked very hard to adapt to a new version of the test, new curriculum released during the pandemic, as well as addressing learning gaps over the covid impacted years. They continue to learn, lead, and get to know their learners to support student achievement across all grade levels, across all our schools.

We are most pleased with gains in Junior Reading, specifically in Grade 6, with results at 86.3% achieving level 3 and above, a success rate trending above the province. In addition, the Grade 9 Mathematics showed strong results exceeding those of the province.

Results for Primary reading, writing, and math are hovering just below the provincial results, providing us with new baseline data that informs our next steps for educator learning. As noted above, Grade 6 Reading and Writing are at or above the province. The data for Grade 6 math shows some concern, and one we are working to address with the new board purchased resources for instruction for Grades 1-9 as well as focused tutoring supports free to families. We look to also focus more attention on primary math for early intervention and engaging pedagogy, to support better trends for success in the coming years.

The Ontario, Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) completed at all our secondary schools, saw good results as well. Our board result for Grade 10 students, first time writing the assessment, had a success rate of 81.4%, just shy of the provincial average of 82.1%. Our previously eligible students, students saw a tremendous success rate of 87.2%, 2 % higher than the province.

“We are eager to utilize this new baseline data obtained from these measures to support our educators in helping our students learn and achieve success. We are pleased with our results, in Grade 9 Mathematics and the OSSLT,” said Superintendent Lorrie Temple. “The achievement in overall Mathematics has been a focus for our district for the last few years and these results for Grade 9 inform us that our attention to intentional math teaching and learning practices, as well as targeted support, is working and we need to now turn our focus to our Primary and Junior educators to further support this learning at Grades 3 and 6. We are also excited about the roll out of our new system resources for instruction in mathematics, for Grades 1-9, supporting engaging instructional strategies which impacts and influences student achievement. Our School Achievement Team is also working at continuing to address Reading and Writing in our Primary divisions with targeted instruction, professional learning, and collaborative planning using new Structured Literacy practices.

Since comparisons to old data are not relevant, what we have learned, from this new baseline data, is to look more closely at connections to programming and where we can support teaching, learning, and assessment. In addition, specifically, results are used to help inform educators, department heads, principals, and program consultants in their efforts to improve classroom practice and success rates. The district plan continues to support ongoing efforts in building students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics and aligns with the provincial documents and directions. We thank all parents and caregivers for their partnership in the learning success of our students.

EQAO Overall Results: Highlights of the Provincial Results – Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) - EQAO

Link to BHNCDSB EQAO Assessments Results: Results (

For more information about this media release please contact Lorrie Temple, Superintendent of Education | 519-756-6505 Ext. 11237.