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The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board is committed to effective, regular and timely communication between the home and school. To improve the quality and level of communication, we use an electronic notification system called School Messenger – Communicate.

About Communicate


  1. Allows parents to select when and how they will receive information from the school.
  2. Enables the school to send out urgent school safety messages directly to cell phones, email accounts and home phones (depending on the selections the parent/guardian makes in the system).

School Messenger – Communicate is easy to use, has built in help, and offers two ways to use the service. Pick the method that works for you!

Managing Your Information and Preferences - 2 Easy Ways


  • Before you use the web or App methods to manage your information, you must first set up a School Messenger account using the email address on file at the school.
  • It is important to remember that when you set up your School Messenger account, the email address that you used must be the one on file at the school. If it is not, your account will not be associated with your child.
  • If you are a BHNCDSB employee and have an email account, you must use a different (personal) email account for School Messenger.
  • Each parent/guardian can have their own School Messenger account and manage their own preferences.

Managing Your Communicate Preferences

  1. Using a common browser, visit OR Using your smartphone, download and access the APP (search for ‘schoolmessenger‘).
  2. Choose SIGN IN.
  3. Enter your Email address. (This MUST be the address on file at the school.)
  4. Enter your Password.

Now you will be able to update family information including:

  • phone numbers and addresses
  • emergency contacts
  • how you would like to receive communications (newsletters, urgent school safety messages , etc.)